Our Docksters Partner Program distinguishes your business, connects you with new prospects, and gives you unparalleled access to one of the most exciting movements in IoT software.

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Docksters works with partners and resellers around the world on a daily basis. We’re proud of the corporate relationships we’ve developed with our partners. Use the partner locater if you’re looking for a Docksters reseller in your region. Our partners have the skills and requirements to help you get the best Docksters experience. At Docksters, we know two types of partners.

Hardware manufacturing partners

Our hardware manufacturing partners create and sell sensors suited for Docksters. By selecting these Docksters approved sensors, you know the sensor is 100% Docksters compatible, thus resulting in an easy setup in Docksters. Docksters also supports third party sensors. You can integrate third party sensors in Docksters by writing your own parsers. Additionally, you can check out our vendor list for already supported third party sensors.

Solution integration partners
Our solution integrating partners help our customers by chosing and implementing the correct sensors suited for your needs, whilst setting up Docksters. Our partners will make your life a whole lot easier by consulting you about the wide variation of sensors to choose from, as well as setting these up for you and connecting them to Docksters. Want to know more? Contact one of our partners down below.

Training and consultancy partners

Your organization assets and systems are a rich source of untapped data. The Internet of Things enables you to access, analyze, act upon, and monetize that data. A flexible IoT platform like Docksters provides a number of ways to accomplish this. Our TAA partners help to unleash the full potential of IoT. By utilizing their knowledge and skills, you will be able to implement and embed IoT seamlessly in your organisation.


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