Docksters works with partners and resellers around the world on a daily basis. We’re proud of the corporate relationships we’ve developed with our partners. Our partners have the skills and requirements to help you get the best Docksters experience.
Our Docksters Partner Program distinguishes your business, connects you with new prospects, and gives you unparalleled access to one of the most exciting movements in IoT software.

Our solution integrating partners help our customers by choosing and implementing the correct sensors suited for your needs, whilst setting up Docksters. Our partners will make your life a whole lot easier by consulting you about the wide variety of sensors to choose from, as well as setting these up for you and connecting them to Docksters. Want to know more? Contact one of our partners.​

Nextivate B.V.

Neonstraat 2B
7463 PE Rijssen
The Netherlands


Honderdland 190
2676 LT Maasdijk
The Netherlands

Loogisch B.V.

Oldenzaalseweg 99
7666 LG Fleringen
The Netherlands

Delmation Products

Blauw-roodlaan 300
2718 SK Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

Silver Cloud Zorg IoT

Ohmstraat 18-A
3861 NB Nijkerk
The Netherlands

Salland Electronics

Schrevenweg 5
8024 HB Zwolle
The Netherlands

Domotica Partners

Newtonstraat 5
1704 SB Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands