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Changelog 2020.6 - 10/2020


  • Added lost contact status.

  • Added prediction and trend models to graph.

  • Added missing info notifications for when there is insufficient data for prediction or trend lines.

  • Added tabs to the user's profile page (Profile and Security).

  • Added the ability to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logins.

  • Added date and time to sensor graph ballon tooltips in graphs.

  • Added date picker controls to sensor data graph.

  • Added a list of trusted devices to the user's security tab with the option to forget a device.

  • Added new sensor type float2 which displays 2 decimal places.

  • Added new sensor type float3 which displays 3 decimal places.

  • Added new sensor type millimetersPerSec which displays mm/s with 2 decimal places.

  • Moved the change password form to the security tab.

  • Data point details table now has excel, csv and copy to clipboard buttons for exporting data.

  • Renamed sensors as data points in the UI.

  • Location map now lets view only users see the magnifier action button.

  • Fixed problem graphing occupancy sensor graphs.

  • Fixed a problem where maps would use the default center when it was not needed.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a non gps device in the location map would change its location.

  • Fixed an issue where data for percent sensor types was rounded to 1 decimal place instead of two.

  • Changed default center lat and lng to center on Benelux region.

  • Added user feedback options.

Structure module

  • Added slideshow controls to toolbar in structures.

  • Added new PPB (Parts per Billion) sensor type.

  • Added new sensor type co2_ppm

  • Added new sensor type tvoc_ppb

  • Enabled TVOC filter feature for structure zones.

  • Structures now remembers zoom level when using slider.

  • Added slideshow mode in Structures.

  • Fixed a problem with structure slideshow interval reset.

  • Slideshow button hidden now when editing a layer.

  • Fixed issue with opacity of lost contact zones when structure is in edit mode.

  • Structure occupancy now displayed as motion.C

  • Changed motion icon.

Partner Portal

  • Added "Show Billing Info". 

  • Updated the partner portal to enable/disable the structures module.

  • Updated the partner portal to enable/disable the Occupancy module.

  • Added new partner level/status field for partners.

  • Added option to turn off/on traffic logging for an organization in the partner portal (off by default).

  • Turning off traffic logging now hides the Logging page in Docksters.

  • Added a badge that displays a partner's status to the HQ page.


  • Added generic IMBUILDINGS device definition. Includes support for their comfort, people counter and button devices.

  • Updated the Elsys, IMBUILDINGS, and Room public definitions to use the co2_ppm sensor type instead of ppm for CO2 data.

  • Added sensor type and sensor last updated information to the available globals in the device definition parser.

  • Added virtual device details to zones/comfort, zones/comfortHistoryDay, zones/comfortHistoryHour

  • Added new public definition for a virtual room. It averages temperature, co2, light, humidity from dependent devices and includes occupancy using dependent device's in and out counters.

  • Added virtual device support.

  • Logging updated to show information about virtual devices being updated.

  • String type sensor data now displayed in table form with the day/7day/30day and date period controls showing.

  • Added advanced parser setting for organizations, when turned on they gain access to, data, headers) and dockstersHelpers.get(url, headers) functions inside their pre-parser and device definition parsers.

  • Changed the label for the float sensor type in the add/edit device definition page to indicate it displays 1 decimal place

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