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Changelog December 2019 - Updated by Stefan Konijnenberg - December 2019


  • Added new developer top level menu

  • Removed signal column from device list table

Structure module

  • Added device status now shown with color coded border around zone

  • Added co2, lux, and occupancy zone buttons

  • Added weather info button to structure details

  • Added icons for weather info feature

  • Moved zone color legend to bottom of layer image

  • Changed color of time slider control button

  • Weather widget widened to provide more room for summary

  • Fixed zone text background and color to improve readability

  • Corrected bug with zone texts on zones when no results are available

  • Fixed bug with adding zone points while holding shift key down

  • Fixed bug with existing zones being selected while drawing a new zone

  • Fixed bug when weather data was not available for new structures

  • Fixed bug that could cause new zones to be unselected when adding them

Mobile Asset Tracking module

  • Changed the mouse cursor to “pointer” when creating or editing a geo-fence

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the location map to zoom out really far and show many copies with really small height at the bottom of the map page

  • Location map now only adjusts the zoom level on page load

  • When clicking on a geo-fence in the location map, the information window now opens at the mouse click location instead of the first marker in the geo-fence

  • Location map now includes a table at the bottom that lists all items on the map (includes edit button for structures and devices that brings you to their details page)

  • Added search/view button to each row in the location map table that zooms the map in on that item

  • Added edit/close button to the info window shown when you click on a geo-fence


  • Added more validation to the add/edit device definition form for adding a threshold with no values

  • Added more validation to the add/edit device definition form for adding a threshold type that isn’t compatible with the sensor type (but shouldn’t be possible now).

  • Wind speed converted from meters per second to km/h or mph to match temp format setting (metric/imperial)

  • When uploading changes to a device definition, the confirmation box is now closer to the upload button

  • Fixed an issue where you could click the upload device definition button again while the upload confirmation was displayed




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