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Changelog April 2020


  • Added lost contact status

  • Added prediction and trend models to graphs

  • Added missing info notifications for when there is insufficient data for prediction or trend lines.

  • Added tabs to the user's profile page (Profile and Security).

  • Moved the change password form to the security tab.

  • Added the ability to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logins.

  • Added a list of trusted devices to the user's security tab with the option to forget a device

  • Fixed problem graphing occupancy sensor graphs.

  • Added user feedback options.

Structure module

  • Added slideshow controls to toolbar in structures.

  • Structures now remembers zoom level when using slider.

  • Added slideshow mode in Structures.

  • Fixed a problem with structure slideshow interval reset.

  • Fixed issue with opacity of lost contact zones when structure is in edit mode.

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