Asset Tracking

In the IoT world, many things are literally on the move and IoT sensors featuring battery life measured in years, make it easy to get the current position of your mobile assets.

Docksters, the universal IoT data platform, takes “things” to the next level. Docksters stores and processes the data generated by your sensors, turning that raw data into actionable information that you can use to make business decisions.


See the position of each of your mobile assets onstandard Google Maps, track 90 days of positional history, get alerts when assets enter or leave regions that you define. These features and much more are available to you with Docksters.

Docksters GeoLocation.png

Map-Based Views

Docksters uses standard Google Maps to show you the locations of all your mobile assets. Click on any marker to get more information from the sensor including its precise GPS coordinates and the last time positional data was received. 


You can also see any alerts that might apply to the sensor, for example a temperature out-of-range situation or a low-battery condition. Zoom into specific area for precise information like exactly which assets are currently on company premises, 


Or zoom out completely to see the current location of all of your assets, all in one single map view.Docksters makes it easy to track your mobile assets.


Routing, Trip Details, Triangulation and More

Docksters can not only show the positional history of your mobile assets, it can calculate the route that they took to get from one position to the next, and even detect points along the route where the asset was at rest for an extended period of time.

For devices that use public IoT networks like Narrowband-IoT, LTE-M or LoRaWAN, Docksters can augment or replace GPS reading with triangulation data from your public network provider.


Geofences are zones that you define on a map. With Docksters you can see which devices are in each geofence and when they arrived. You can also see which devices left the geofence and how long ago. Geofences are another example of how Docksters turns your raw IoT data into actionable business information.

Docksters has the features you need to monitor and track any kind of mobile asset. Not just vehicles but also trailers, mobile generators, shipping containers and more. If it moves, Docksters can tell you where it is and where it has been.


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