Docksters is an IoT cloud platform that specializes in data management, analytics, monitoring and visualization.

With Docksters you get more than just graphs and numbers. Docksters provides actionable information that you can use to make business decisions. Our main mission is to help you get meaningful results out of the data collected by your IoT sensors.

Cloud-Based - IoT Monitoring 



Asset Tracking

Docksters has the features you need to monitor and track any kind of mobile asset. Not just vehicles but also trailers, mobile generators, shipping containers and more. If it moves, Docksters can tell you where it is and where it has been.

Smart Buildings

Docksters has full support for building sensors that can measure important metrics like temperature, humidity, light levels, CO2, motion and more. 

Remote Maintenance

Docksters has the ability to support any third-party sensor connected to any common IoT network with our highly customizable Definition Files. 


 Smart Buildings

An optimal indoor climate is important for the well-being of pupils and teaching staff
in the school. In addition, the learning performance in a well-ventilated teaching space is better and
those present are less exposed to indoor environmental factors that are harmful to health.
Good ventilation is not easy. It is important to find out the problem. That is why Docksters Partners supplies sensors that provide objective information about the air quality in every classroom.

With the sensors you can measure the following 

With these sensors you are able to monitor ventilation requirements and to intervene if limit values are exceeded. A perfect tool for informing students and colleagues about the air quality in specific areas.

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